Since 1994, Artworx International has been a leading authority in the Imprinted Apparel industry, offering its award-winning Digitizing services exclusively to manufacturers of embroidered products.

Our digitizer is one of the embroidery industry's top specialists. From a simple company logo to the creation of an award-winning masterpiece, no embroidery project is too big or too small for our "Digitizer of Distinction".

Embroidery digitizing is a computerized process of engineering a design into an embroidery textile language. It is both an art and a science of programing specific mechanical movements for an industrial embroidery machine to stitch a design onto a specific product. View Samples

Contract Digitizing

This is a service done for hire. Klebber Mattos digitizes several designs for his stablished clients every year. A one-time digitizing fee is charged for this service and the stitch file (.dst) is delivered electronically to the client.

The stitch file (.dst) is the rightful property of the client.

Our Clients

Artworx International's contract digitizing is a service offered exclusively to manufacturers of embroidered products. Our knowledgeable clients understand that "digitizing" is the most important element in embroidery and rely on the refined skill of their digitizer to engineer embroidery that will set them apart.

We specialize in what most people in our industry would call a challenge - the more complex, highly detailed and difficult designs or applications. Simple designs, big or small are also welcome.


For years, Klebber Mattos has been the invisible digitizer and secret weapon, as we have been told, of manufactures around the corner and around the world. We maintain our client base and digitization strictly confidential.

All contract digitization (.dst files) is the rightful property of the client.

Working Online

Although we are always ready to answer your phone calls, in order to be very efficient in our service, we prefer to work online.


For an online quote, you may email us your artwork in any of the following formats:

(.tif) (.jpg) (.psd) (.ai.) (eps). Files must be no larger than 2MB.

When placing an order for digitizing please provide a good quality image to avoid possible delays.

No sewouts are provided. All stitch files (.dst) are delivered via email. Formats available: (Tajima) (Barudan)


• Standard - delivered within 5 working days (Monday-Friday)

• Next Day - delivered by the end of the next business day.

A $50 RUSH fee will apply to all Next Day orders.

Digitizing Rates

Most logos for applications such as left-chest, sleeve or hats, fall within the 5,000 to 10,000 stitch category. Jacket-back designs can range anywhere from 40,000 to 400,000 stitches. While it is common practice in the embroidery industry to quote "digitizing" based on stitch count, we prefer to be more personal and fair when quoting. Since design complexity varies from one logo to another regardless of stitch count, we choose to quote based on digitizing time. For example, we believe that a simple logo of about 10,000 stitches should cost less than a complex logo of about 7,000 stitches, and so on... Depending on design complexity our digitizing fees normally run between $14 - $24 per 1,000 stitches for left-chest, sleeve or hat designs. Full-back designs run between $4 - $14 per 1,000 stitches. Our manually digitized photo-stitching designs are an exception. See Photo-Stitching.

Forms of payment

New clients: prepaid - company check, PayPal.

Established clients: Net-30



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